General Liability Insurance

Depending on your type of work this insurance is either required or highly recommended. It protects against 3rd party injury and/or property damage. Being in business has its risks and general liability insurance helps greatly to mitigate those risks. Often times, general liability is the first insurance policy a business chooses to purchase.

Why do I need General Liability Insurance?

  • Some states will require a certificate of insurance prior to issuing a license or business permit. 
  • Providing proof of insurance shows professionalism and enhances reputability.
  • Without it, you may very well lose out on that project you bid on.
  • Many vendors won’t allow you on a jobsite without adequate general liability insurance.

How easy is it to purchase General Liability Insurance?

It’s extremely easy and affordable. Click the “Get Quote” button to see what it costs. Purchase today and receive your certificate insurance right away. If you’d like more information and prefer to speak with an agent, feel free to give us a call. We’re here to help Mon-Fri / 8am – 5:30pm PT. 818-564-4068.